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Shimano Aerlex 10000 XTB Spod Reel

Shimano Aerlex 10000 XTB Spod Reel

Ref: 110007305

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Shimano Aerlex 10000 XTB Spod Reel

Brand new for 2017 a special spod reel that replaces the shimano Aerlex 7000 XTA spod.

For a long-time Shimano has produced reels dedicated to fishing the spod, and this model has been revised and improved compared to the old.

The model is now larger, 10,000 measured against the 7,000 of the old model, this will cast long and accurate.

The Aerlex XTB Spod has 3 clips on the reel that allows the angler to measure the cast immediately at the first attempt and a recovery ratio of 5. 3: 1 for a continuous "spodding".

Instead of the old baitrunner mounted on the reel now an instant friction drag has been mounted.

Total black lines which are very attractive. reduced weight compared to older models, only 650 grams !!!!! - WEIGHT: 650 gr. - RECOVERY RATIO: 5.3: 1 - SIZE: 10000 - SPOOL CAPACITY: 0.35 mm. / 400 mt. - POWER CLUTCH: 15 kg.