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Powapacs Solar Panel

Ref: 110013187

40w (PP003) 119.99
60w (PP004) Call 01733 865870 for Availability.

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Powapacs Solar Panel

The Powapacs folding solar panels are equipped with SunPower solar cells offering an efficiency of over 23.5%. This energy can be used to charge a number of devices via the intergrated USB port.

In addition to the USB outputs, the Powapac Solar Panels have an 28v DC output meaning it can be combined with the Powapac Atom to offer a versatile, convenient and portable off the grid system that provides power anytime, anywhere.

Features Include:
  • High effeciency >23.5%
  • Compact Design
  • 2.1mm DC Cable for remote charging
  • Lightweight 996g
  • Solar panel type SunPower (monocrystalline)
  • Output 2x USB - 5v / 2100 mA
  • Output DC - 18v / 3170M mA (DC Cable 3m)

Technical Specification:
  • Waterproof - PVC600D
  • Folded Size: 305mm x 150mm x 35mm
  • Folded Out Size: 1210mm x 295mm x 3mm