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Powapacs ATOM

Ref: 110013184

60'000mAh (PP001) 179.99
78'000mAh (PP002) Call 01733 865870 for Availability.

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Powapacs ATOM

ATOM is a ligthweight, powerful, silent, fumeless, smart solar generator. It's compact size, universal compatibility, high capacity internal fuel cell and eco-friendly solar recharge capability (sold separately) means you can enjoy, charge and provide power to your products anywhere when awaqy from mains power.

ATOM contains 4x Fast Charge USB ports, 1x AC outlet and 1x 12v Cigarette type outlet and is compatible with an endless number of electronic devices.

Features Include:
  • You can quickly recharge your Atom Three different ways - a mains supply, a solar panel or via a 12-24v Car adaptor.
  • High efficiency silent, pure sine wave inverter, 150w constant 200w peak power rating.
  • Overload/Voltage/Temperature Protection.
  • Short Circuit/Low voltage protection.
  • digital User Information Display and Intergraded LED Torch.
  • 60'000mAh 240Wh. 20Ah @12v / 78'000mAh 312 Wh. 26 Ah @12v

Technical Specification:
  • Battery - High discharging rated 18650 lithium battery
  • Capacity - 60'000mAh 240Wh / 78'000mAh 312Wh
  • Dimensions - 240mm x 165mm x 65mm
  • Weight - 60'000mAh 2kg / 78'000mAh 2.1kg